Steerman Steerable Moving Skates are practical and efficient for moving machines and items weighing up to 1000kg (Models LFL-1-2 & LFL-1-4) and 2000kg (Model LFL2-4). Perfect for moving washing machines, air conditioning units and other large bulky loads on flat surfaces. Featuring anti-slip rubber lining to ensure no slippage of the load, these solid forged steel skates are exceptional quality and great value for money.

Model LFL-1-2 use two steerable and two fixed wheels, while models LFL-1-4 & LFL-2-4 use four steerable wheels.

Model Capacity Wheels Number of Wheels Swivel wheel dia. x width Fixed wheel dia x width Dimensions L x W x H Weight
LFL-1-2 1000kg 2 x Fixed, 2 x Steerable 4 75x46mm 100x35mm 430x340x120mm 13kg
LFL-1-4 1000kg 4 x Steerable 4 75x46mm 100x35mm 430x340x120mm 14kg
LFL-2-4 2000kg 4 x Steerable 4 80x40mm 100x35mm 430x400x130mm 20kg