Steerman Machine Moving Kits are the ultimate all-in-one load moving solution that includes everything required to move heavy loads of machinery up to 12,000kg (12tonne). Combining some of our most popular products into a special package including a set of Machine Moving Skates (front and rear), Industrial Toe Jacks x2, and Roller Pinch Bar (Optional). We are offering two different packages




The 6000kg Package comes with -


1 x Steerman LX Machine Moving Skate Kit, 6000kg capacity

2 x Steerman Industrial Toe Jacks, 3000kg capacity

1 x Steerman RPB Roller Pinch Bars, 1500kg capacity. (Optional)


The 12,000kg Package comes with -


1 x Steerman LX Machine Moving Skate Kit, 12,000kg capacity 

2 x Steerman Industrial Toe Jack 6000kg capacity

1 x Steerman Roller Pinch Bar 5000kg capacity (Optional)


The Steerman LX Machine Moving Skate Kit is perfectly suited to moving heavy loads and machinery up to 12,000kg or 12Tonnes in weight. Featuring a front steerable skate with pivoting load table while the two rear skates are fixed and held in line with two heavy duty tie rods, this ensures smooth and accurate transportation and makes the kit easy to steer in all directions.


 The Steerman hydraulic toe jack is ideal for working in very small and confined spaces. Typical use includes lifting and positioning of heavy machinery, fabricated steel structures and general engineering applications. These jacks are also ideal for use with a set of Steerman skates!. 


The Steerman Roller Pinch Bar is designed and manufactured to be an ideal companion to the professional load mover. The design is both lightweight and compact and the unit could not be any easier to use and transport as a direct result of its flawless design. The RPB units have been expertly engineered with an exceptional low toe height meaning they are able to get into the smallest of gaps. 



Steerman LX Machine Moving Skate Kits 

Model Capacity (kg)  Number Of Wheels Wheel Diameter (mm) Load Area Front Skate (mm) Load Area Rear Skate (mm) Weight (kg) Height (mm)
LX-6 6000 12 85x90 185x150 300x250 45 115
LX-12 12,000 16 85x90 400x220 300x250 96 115


 Steerman HTJ Inductrial Toe Jack

Model Aricle Number Claw Capacity (kg) Head Capacity (kg) Stroke (mm) A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) D (mm) E (mm) F (mm) G (mm) Weight (kg)
HTJ-3 N4300006217 3000 3000 130 230 215 190 88 35 93 16 16.4
HTJ-6 N4300006218 6000 6000 152 267 280 190 88 52 120 22 23.2


Steerman Roller Pinch Bar

Model Capacity (kg) Lift Height (mm) Length x Width (mm) Roller (mm) Weight (kg)
RPB50 5000 145 2150x400 70x54 32