Ideal for packing, storing and transporting loose goods such as chain, granular products and some fluids. Steel Drums from LES are standard 210 litres / 55-gallon steel drums complete with 2" BSP & 3/4" screw caps.

Combine with our range of drum handling equipment to ensure you're able to safely and securely lift the drums once full (see 'people also bought' below), the perfect workshop additions being our Corner Pallet Hydraulic Drum Truck which allows you to easily place four drums per pallet and our Heavy Duty Steel Drum Dolley 210L

Colour: BLACK or BLUE

Painted exterior with a self-colour rolled steel inner.

 The overall height is 890mm and 580mm diameter with a weight of only 18kg when the drum is empty. Includes a detachable lid as pictured.

  • Free detachable lid
  • Painted finish
  • Plain steel 'self-colour' internal finish
  • Proudly made in the UK