With this hook, we believe the clue is very much in the title... 

Water sports is the application and the stainless steel water ski hook is an excellent piece of equipment for those of you involved in wakeboarding, boating and of course water skiing. 

Fitted with a captive spring-loaded pin, this hook can be safely fitted and released at the user's discretion, so there is never any risk of unwanted opening or unattachment. 

When using the water ski hook it is recommended that the user issues a release line to the shackle ensuring a safe and smooth detachment for the skier should they have a fall or accident when on the water. 

Interestingly enough this hook can also be found in use with banana boats and water inflatables such as rubber rings etc. 

Captive spring-loaded release pin

Water sports applications

High-grade stainless steel 

Attachment application only 

Overall Length  W D M.B.L (kN) Part Code
60mm 16mm 5mm 4.4 SSWSH060
100mm 20mm 9mm 6.9 SSWSH100