Similar to both the stainless steel swivel snap shackle and the fixed snap shackle this item offers all the great qualities they too possess, the captive spring-loaded pin removes the risk of loss or misplacement. Opening the shackle is simple, by pulling the split ring engages the opening of the shackle, then by addressing the attachment point the user will then push the pivoting arm of the shackle back to its original position and then finally release the split ring which in turn will push the pin back to its original position locking it into the pivoting arm and securing the shackle. With this in mind and the great features, it possesses what sets this shackle apart from the other two?! A swivel jaw! Yes a swivel jaw is an excellent feature for those looking to open the attachment point of the shackle, whether that be fitting to a wire rope or fibre rope this shackles attachment to a rope couldn't be easier, the user will remove the pin at the base opening the jaw, insert the eye of the rope and release the pin back to its original position and the shackle is now secured to the rope. 




Rust resistant

Swivel feature 

Overall Length A W M.B.L. (KN) Part Code
70mm 13mm 10mm 6.4 SSJSS070
87mm 16mm 12mm 8.8 SSJSS087
128mm 22mm 19mm 16.3 SSJSS128