Designed to safely swivel 360 degrees eliminating any possible risk of knotting rope or chain, allowing the user to safely and efficiently control any necessary ropes or chains aboard without needing to untangle saving both time and money in some instances. Located in the marine industry this item is produced from high-grade stainless steel offering corrosion and rust resistance. Simple to attach and remove manually if required, eliminating any unwanted unattachment without the user's input. To remove either end of the swivel the user will unscrew the threaded pin from the housing of the swivel, and remove the pin from the body and attach either the rope or chain they wish too then to secure into place simply reverse the process screwing the threaded bar back into the body of the swivel.   

360 degree functionality

Swivel mechanism 

Reduces risk of tangling


AISI 316 stainless steel 

Dia. L W H M.B.L. (KN) Part Code
6mm 64mm 12mm 12mm 9.2 SSSJJ06
8mm 89mm 16mm 16mm 16.3 SSSJJ08
10mm 112mm 20mm 22mm 25.4 SSSJJ10
13mm 154mm 26mm 28mm 36.6 SSSJJ13
16mm 185mm 32mm 37mm 65.1 SSSJJ16
19mm 227mm 38mm 44mm 101.7 SSSJJ19