A marine-industry item produced from high-grade stainless steel offers corrosion and rust resistance, it's long-lasting and hard-wearing aboard ships, down by the harbour or in those ports. With a 360-degree swivel functionality, eliminating all potential instances of knotting of either chain or rope. Fitted with a hexagon socket at the butt of the pin this swivel can be opened and tightened using a hex key to offer optimum safety when secured. Manual operation of opening and closing allows the user complete control of attachment and removal eliminating unwanted unattachment when in use. 

Marine grade

Hex key pin 

360 degree swivel 

AISI 316

Rust & corrosion resitant

Dia. L W H M.B.L. (KN) Part Code
5mm 60mm 10mm 11.5mm 6.4 SSSEJHS05
6mm 64mm 12mm 12mm 9.2 SSSEJHS06
8mm 88mm 16mm 16mm 16.3 SSSEJHS08
10mm 113mm 20mm 22mm 25.4 SSSEJHS10
13mm 152mm 26mm 28mm 36.6 SSSEJHS13
16mm 188mm 32mm 37mm 65.1 SSSEJHS16
19mm 229mm 38mm 44mm 101.7 SSSEJHS19