Designed and developed for boats this swivel shackle is a simple and effective attachment point, featuring a swivel mechanism and a spring-loaded quick-release this shackle can be opened, attached, closed smoothly and efficiently. To open this shackle the user will release the trigger which in turn opens the mouth of the shackle, simply then address the item or attachment point you wish to secure this shackle too, then push the pivoting arm of the shackle to its original position locking it back into the trigger mechanism, your shackle is now fastened and secure. With a swivelling ability, the shackle can be effective in various directions. Developed with sailors and captains this shackle is a great piece of equipment with various applications aboard that boat. 

Marine grade

AISI 316

Spring-loaded trigger

Safe and secure closing & locking

Avoids unwanted opening due to manual operation only

Overall Length A E M.B.L.  (KN) Part Code
85mm 18mm 12mm 12.7 SSSBS085
105mm 24mm 14mm 17.6 SSSBS105
125mm 27mm 18mm 32.6 SSSBS125