The long shank eye bolt has a finish of AISI 316

Minimum breaking load is for guidance only, not to be used in lifting.


D L d E M.B.L. (KN) Part Code
M6 40mm 5mm 15mm 8.2 SSLEB06040
M6 60mm 5mm 15mm 8.2 SSLEB06060
M6 80mm 5mm 15mm 8.2 SSLEB06080
M8 50mm 6mm 20mm 14.5 SSLEB08050
M8 100mm 6mm 20mm 14.5 SSLEB08100
M8 175mm 6mm 20mm 14.5 SSLEB08175
M8 200mm 6mm 20mm 14.5 SSLEB08200
M8 225mm 6mm 20mm 14.5 SSLEB08225
M10 50mm 8mm 25mm 22.6 SSLEB10050
M10 100mm 8mm 25mm 22.6 SSLEB10100
M10 200mm 8mm 25mm 22.6 SSLEB10200
M12 50mm 10mm 30mm 32.6 SSLEB12050
M12 120mm 10mm 30mm 32.6 SSLEB12120
M12 200mm 10mm 30mm 32.6 SSLEB12200
M16 150mm 12mm 35mm 57.9 SSLEB16150


MATERIAL Stainless Steel
FINISH Polished