Similar to both the stainless steel quick link and the long pattern quick link the delta style offers similar connection capabilities shaped in a triangular format. 

Manual screw gate opening and closing ensures the user is in full control of both attaching and removing the link from any application. 

Finished in high-grade stainless steel this link is incredibly resistant to any form of corrosion, meaning you will most likely find it situated outside, from boats to ships and often yachts. 




Triangular shape "Delta"

High-grade stainless steel

Manual screw-gate

Corrosion resistant

D L W M.B.L. (KN) Part Code
4mm 31mm 26mm 5.0 SSDQL04
5mm 38mm 30mm 7.9 SSDQL05
6mm 44mm 34mm 11.3 SSDQL06
8mm 56mm 39mm 20.1 SSDQL08
10mm 68mm 46mm 31.4 SSDQL10
12mm 80mm 50mm 45.2 SSDQL12