Stainless steel clevis slip hook with safety catch offers attachment to the chain through a clevis style for a safe fixing.

The safety catch offers simple and secure attachment to a number of items such as eyebolts, lashing/fixing points etc. 

These hooks can be found in a number of stainless steel applications, most commonly fitted to stainless steel chain and attached to an anchorage point keeping that prized boat secured and tethered.

Safety catch for efficient attachment

Only removable manually for optimum safety 

High-quality stainless steel material 

Clevis style attachment for a fixed and secure attachment to chain 

Size A E L M.B.L. (KN) Part Code
1/4” 11mm 15mm 65mm 17.8 SSCSHSC06
5/16” 12.5mm 19mm 73mm 26.7 SSCSHSC08
3/8” 15mm 22mm 82mm 35.6 SSCSHSC10
1/2” 18mm 30mm 100mm 53.4 SSCSHSC12