Designed solely with buoys in focus, this hook offers a key feature making it the ideal choice when retrieving them from the water. Complete with a spring-loaded captive pin this hook is fastened to a to a rope to successfully retrieve the morning line attached to the buoy from the water.  The user can operate the opening and closing of the hook safely from the boat when addressing the mooring line. A simple attachment of the rope through the eye of the captive pin means that a pull on it retracts the pin, allowing the opening of the hook mouth, address the mooring line in the water, then simply release the rope to close the eye and safely retrieve the buoy from the water. This product is a great tool to allow the user to retrieve buoys from the water whilst greatly reducing the risk of going overboard or needing to enter the water. 

Captive spring-loaded pin

Easily attached to mooring line

High grade stainless steel 

Marine grade


L E M.B.L.  (KN) Part Code
108mm 20mm 9.4 SSBMH
MATERIAL Stainless Steel
FINISH Polished