There’s nothing worse than being caught out in the cold. So as the winter beings to hit us hard, make sure you’re prepared if you’re looking to maintain optimal productivity and safety.


This Sprung Snow Plough from Contact Attachments is perfectly designed to clear areas of snow where hidden objects may be encountered, such as manhole covers. The spring loaded blade design minimises any damage when encountering these objects.


This Sprung Snow Plough simply slides onto the forks of your forklift truck, secured by tightening the two screw clamps. The blade can then be positioned from fully left to fully right, depending on your requirements.


To adjust, all you need to do is remove the lynch pins from the drop pins and using two hands, move the blade to the desired angle and refit the pins. The attachment should be used with the lift chains taught, supporting the weight of the forks and attachment. Castors should be just in contact with the ground.

  • Minimises damage
  • Slides onto truck forks
  • 3 plough sizes available
  • Sprung design