Available in multiple styles – Single/Double Weave – Slingco’s Offset Eye Non-Metallic Aramid Cable Grips are the perfect choice for use in fibre optic cable installation operations, offshore applications, and many projects across the utilities industry.


Highly suitable for pulling both single and multi-cable bundles, these cable grips are manufactured from high-grade, high-strength, non-metallic aramid fibre, finished with a protective UV coating. Even better, courtesy of the non-metallic materials, these grips are extremely easy to work with even if you don’t have any safety gloves to hand.


Designed with an improved weight-to-break ratio, break load limits range from 1.1Tonne right through to 7.1Tonnes, offering similar breaking loads to steel grips. Super lightweight and easy to handle, they are strong enough to cater for the rigors of some of the harshest environments including exposure to salt walt, pollutants and underground environments.


Please note: Although these cable grips are extremely strong, we must advise that non-metallic aramid grips are not as abrasion-resistant as metal grips. These are a non-metallic, non-conductive alternative to steel grips.