Semi-electric stackers take the hard part out of working with stacker trucks, with a fully electric lift the only non-electric function is movement done by manual push/pull. Ideal for more frequent operations where manual lifting can become strenuous and contribute towards repetitive strain injury, the semi-electric stacker takes most of the strains away.

Manufactured from a rugged steel construction, the semi-electric stacker's lift function is powered by a 12v electric motor with built-in charger and lifts up to 1000kg to 1.6m at 90mm per second.

  • 1000kg capacity
  • 1500w 12v motor
  • 90mm per second lifting speed
  • Fully adjustable forks
  • 1.6m lifting height
  • For open bottom pallets only
Model   SFH1016
Capacity kg 1000
Max. Fork Height A mm 1600
Lowered Fork Height mm 85
Fork Fixed Width J mm 550
Fork Width F mm 150
Fork Length E mm 1150
Overall Length B mm 1600
Overall Height D mm 1980
Overall Width C mm 740
Weight of Unit kg 240