The Semi-Automatic Horizontal Drum Lifter Tongs from LES secure the load by the weight of the actual drum, The horizontally operated slings have an integrated locking bar to help keep the drum tongs in place and avoid the load from slipping out when attached to a drum.



  • Full Steel robust construction.
  • For horizontally lifting 55 Gallon 210 Litre drums.
  • Suitable for open top or tight head steel/plastic drums L or XL ring.
  • The weight of drum on jaws prevents the drum from slipping out.
  • To operate set locking lever in the locked open position.
  • When central over the horizontal drum, release lever to allow hooks to fall and locate under both rims. Hooks automatically engage when lifted and disengage as the drum is set down.


Product Code Capacity (Kg) Drum Size (Gallons) Weight (Kg)
DLS500 500 55 / 210 Litre 8kg