Manufactured in Germany our Runway Beam End Stops are a great off-the-shelf solution for safely terminating the end of a runway or lifting beam up to 10,000kg to prevent trolley runoff.

Constructed from ultra-lightweight material and weighing just 2.5kg each, our travel trolley end stops are easy to install and are adjustable for flange widths up to 300mm to suit almost every runway beam size.

The pack price includes Two Pairs of end stops which equates to four side plates, two threaded bars and fixings to suit (to terminate a beam at both ends) along with an installation manual and parts list.

  • Suitable for all electric and manual trolleys up to 10,000kg
  • Beam Flange Thickness 7-25mm
  • Beam Flange Width 82-300mm
  • Easy to assemble
  • Lightweight
  • Price per pair
  • Made in Germany
  • CE Marked

Please check below to ensure that your hoist/trolley conforms to the capabilities of the buffers:

Carrying Capacity Maximum Hoisting DEVICE Weight Maximum Trolley Speed
125-1600kg 160kg 25m/min
2000kg 250kg 20m/min
2500kg 250kg 20m/min
3200kg 250kg 20m/min
4000kg 250kg 20m/min
5000kg 400kg 20m/min
6300kg 400kg 20m/min
8000kg 900kg 16m/min
10000kg 900kg 16m/min