The RUD LRBS-FIX Load Ring For Welding Circumferential Weld Seam has a safety rating of 2:1. By using an LRBS-FIX lashing point you can weld on parts without bothersome subsurface corrosion due to circular HY seam. Smaller weld seam compared to the previous LRBS. total length is identical to the previous LRBS. There is no time-consuming alignment between the weld on blocks and ring, the clamp spring is protected by being placed inside the weld on the block. The spring fixes the weld on blocks to the ring and creates at the same time a radial clamping so there are no loose items. 

The LRBS has easy recognition of inclination angle indicated by markings on the ring and blocks at all levels. Marking of the lifting capacity is marked on the ring and block in all levels and is shown in daN. 

**Welding should only be carried out by a fully qualified person according to ISO 9606-1**

Model Product Code  Weight (kg) T (mm) A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) D (mm) E (mm) F (mm)
LRBS-FIX8000daN 7999303 0.94 74 60 14 39 48 132 69
LRBS-FIX13400daN 7999304 2.24 97 88 20 50 60 167 91
LRBS-FIX20000daN 7999305 3.72 108 100 22 60 65 191 100
LRBS-FIX32000daN 7999306 8.23 140 130 30 72 90 267 134