The Pronal Pressure Regulator regulates, controls and/or reduces output pressure of a supply such as a high-pressure cylinder to provide a controlled supply of the desired pressure directly into our lifting bags. 

Ensure the pressure relief and control taps are closed. Connect the input valve to a cylinder or similar high-pressure supply and tighten the threaded screw to secure. Connect a Pronal CLT Lifting Bag via the included coupling and hose, the pressure of the supply (up to 300bar) should show in the supply display. Gently screw the large black control valve counterclockwise to build up the output pressure to a maximum of 8bar, this will fill a CLT bag to the desired pressure/lift. To release the pressure screw the pressure control valve back clockwise and gently screw the small black pressure relief valve counterclockwise to reduce and remove pressure from the bag.

  • Conforms to EN ISO 5171
  • Maximum input pressure 300bar
  • Desired output pressure 8bar to suit Pronal CLT lifting bags