The Pronal Deadman Controller with a double female outlet enables control over two individual high-pressure lifting bags and offers a durable and robust ergonomic design. Featuring two built-in pressure gauges registering pressures up to 16bar or 230psi each (safe use up to 8bar with our CLT lifting bags), a single male inlet via a female coupling on the hose allows air to flow in to the unit, once the operating switches are turned, the internal ball valves open and pressure is released through the female outlet couplings and in to the hoses. To release pressure and deflate a lifting bag turn an operating switch in the opposite direction and slowly turn the brass pressure relief valve until the display shows your desired pressure.

  • Two pressure gauges showing up to 16bar or 230psi
  • To EN 837-1
  • One inlet and two outlets
  • 2 x Integrated pressure gauges
  • 2 x Pressure relief valves
  • Heavy duty construction
  • High-quality bearings incorporated into the outlet couplings
  • Maximum input 10bar/145psi
  • Made in Italy
  • Valve stops prevent over-turning of the ball valve operating switch
  • Ergonomic rubber hand grip
  • 1 x Male inlet
  • 2 x Female outlets