PAVERS AWARE! Achieve more cutting force with reduced effort thanks to the STS Stone Splitter from Probst.


Now you can snap blocks easier without the need for greater force. Combining a lever, eccentric transmission and a triangular knife, excessive splitting force is generated, producing cleanly cut blocks without dust, noise or wastewater – a huge step towards higher efficiency and improved health and safety.


Designed with a better view of the cutting line to enable sharper cuts in comparison to those of conventional masonry saws, we have two versions of the STS available:


STS-33-F: with tilted, rigid supporting table so that blocks are at a constant angle, and a cutting length of 330mm (13”)




STS-43: with spring-mounted supporting table (both halves tiltable) allowing for a clean undercut for precise laying without uneven large gaps. Cutting length 430mm (17”)

  • 2 cutting lengths available
  • Clean snapping of stones
  • No harmful emissions
  • Better cutting line view
  • Size indicator in both cm and inches
  • More splitting force
  • Durable galvanised finish
Order no.
Width Cutting Width (mm)
Weight Dead Weight (kg)
Height Stone/Element (mm)
STS-33-F 51200076 330 41 10-120
STS-43 51200077 430 57 10-120