Lifting hollow slop blocks can be difficult, with different shapes, sizes and weights. But thanks to Probst, the stress has now been completely taken away.


Not only designed for hollow core slop retainers, but also drain elements and U-Stones, the FSZ-M Hollow Slop Block handles boasts an impressive 250kg safe working load limit.


Gripping from the inside of the blocks, with a large adjustable gripping range of 180-580mm, allowing it to comfortably lift all common hollow slope blocks, these elements can effortlessly by lifted by the hands of two users. Alternatively, it can be attached to a chain hoists for larger weights, courtesy of the lifting eye.


Also, depending on the space available, the handle can be rotated up to 90°.


Finally, the galvanised finish ensures maximum strength, robustness, and extended lifecycle.

  • Working Load Limit: 250kg
  • Gripping Range: 180-580mm
  • Grips from the inside
  • Fitted with lifting eye and handle
  • Automatic release
  • Galvanised finish
Order no.
Length of Gripper (mm)
Gripping Range (mm)
Weight Dead Weight (kg)
Inside Height (mm)
Working Load Limit/WLL (kg)
FSZ-M 53200002 90 180-580 16 150 250