Moving heavy loads of up to 1000kg has never been easier than with the RX10/16 PLUS electric pallet stacker from PRAMAC – the most compact single mast, completely electric stacker in the range.


An upgrade on the original RX10, with the addition of powerful semi-traction tubular plated batteries, the PLUS variation offers users extended service life and increased endurance, with an operating life of up to 4 hours autonomy and a high number of charging cycles.


Built with comfort, safety and low maintenance at its core, the RX10/16 PLUS perfectly combines a compact yet robust structure with ergonomic design features, making it ideal for a wide spectrum of low-duty applications in both distribution and manufacturing environments.


The fully integrated ergonomic tiller system is built with fingertip throttle and fork controls, complete with safety push button, horn, and turtle button, ensuring that safety remains a key feature of this innovative stacker.


Visibility is increased courtesy of the laterally placed ergonomic tiller, with all components strategically arranged in the motor compartment, allowing the RX10 to effectively operate in narrow spaces such as corridors and warehouse aisles.


Sitting on polyurethane wheels, as standard, resistance is reduced, meaning the effort required to manoeuvre is much lower than market alternatives, even when transporting items at the full 1000kg capacity.


Ideal for transporting palletized goods, with the capability of moving horizontally, it can simultaneously be used as an adjustable workable, lowering operator stress as they are placing products on designated shelf space.


The combination of electric lifting mechanism and lateral driving system eliminate any physical exertion, particularly compared to manual pallet stackers, meaning minimal operator demand to ensure maximum comfort and productivity when undertaking tasks. With a fork thickness of 60mm for easy entrance inside the pallet, loads are effortlessly raised at the single push of a button, which is located on the tiller.


The RX10/16 is also perfect for double stacking or working from convenient heights thanks to the 1510mm lifting capacity. The compact blueprint of the RX10/16 PLUS allows for easy operation is confined spaces, whilst also saving valuable space in your warehouse which could otherwise be used for additional stock.


The RX10/16 PLUS is built with a strong ABS carter/cover, complete with accessible storage compartments on the top, that is easily removable to speed up the maintenance process. Bottom access points also allow for immediate disassembly of the motor wheel, portal and tiller, all without the need to lift the machine, reducing the risk of injury through manual lifting.


Quick and easy to charge should the battery run out thanks to the ‘Plug-and-Play feature, users simply plug into the mains, meaning no matter where you are in the building, as long as you’re near a charging port, you can get back up and running in no time.

  • Load capacity 1000Kg
  • Mono mast for a clear view
  • Lift height 1600mm
  • Forks 1150mm x 560mm
  • Full electric power
  • Gel battery
  • Integrated charger
  • Compact and agile
  • Emergency stop button
  • Polyurethane wheels and rollers
  • Brake on wheels
  • CE certified

Full specification available via DOWNLOADS