Built with state-of-the-art tried-and-tested technology, PRAMAC’s QX20 and QX20 P Pedestrian Ride-on electric pallet trucks are suitable for short and medium/long distances respectively.


Suitable for heavy-duty applications with powerful and reliable motors, exceptional maneuverability is achieved thanks to its compact dimensions, while noise pollution and overheating are reduced courtesy of the three-phase technology – a truly competitive solution for medium-sized warehouses that require loading and unloading lorries on a regular basis.


The integrated AC technology ensures better energy efficiency and longer battery duration, reducing maintenance costs, furthermore, the absence of brushes in the motor increases reliability through a simpler design.


The ergonomic technopolymer tiller system is the next evolution in EPT and includes fingertip throttle and fork controls, a safety push button, a horn, turtle button, hourmeter and battery status indicator – all as standard.


Speed control can be adapted dependant on the tiller working position to increase maneuverability and safety, while the individual battery compartment allows the installation of high capacity battery (24v/210Ah) for longer life. Battery inspection is also easy via cover with hinges.


The machine is also equipped with an accessible key switch in a protected position, and the cover incorporated a clip holder for those all-important notes and documents.

  • Load capacity 2000kg
  • Suitable for short-medium-long distance transport
  • Fitted with cushioned, foldable platform
  • Foldable arms for maximum stability
  • ZAPI controller
  • Curve speed control
  • Separate battery compartment
  • Key switch and note holder
  • Easy maintenance
  • Ergonomic technopolymer tiller system

Full specification for all models available via DOWNLOADS