Looking for a top choice hand pallet truck, capable of  intensive use, transporting loads of up to 2500kg? Then PRAMAC’s GS Evo is just the ticket.


Designed with ease of operation at its core, it’s built with a range of superior ergonomics including a special 3D tiller. Compared to a conventional tiller, this innovative 3D shape provides users with an excellent position when pushing heavy loads with maximum efficiency without any fatigue. Due to the two large grasping areas specifically designed to have the correct position during operation, comfort and efficiency are guaranteed.


Never holding back on design details, the superior characteristics of the GS Evo include: a monolithic reliable one-piece cast iron housing for premium protection of all components from accidental damage; chromed piston rod and oil seal to avoid rust and prevent oil leakage; a proportional lowering valve allowing speeds to be controlled according to the lever position making it perfect for fragile loads; and a maximum pressure valve safety device for added protection against overload.


The tiller is easy to assemble with a fast mounting system for maximum sturdiness during the toughest applications, while the supplementary rollers allow easy and smooth entrance and exit from a closed pallet, reducing impact on the main roller system, increasing lifecycle.


  • Easy to operate
  • Load capacity:  2500kg
  • Superior ergonomics: 3D shape tiller
  • Monolithic design
  • Proportional lowering valve
  • Chromed piston rod and oil seal
  • Nylon poly 45 steering wheels

Full specification/data sheets available via DOWNLOADS