The Positioning Trolley For ISO Container Support Jacks is a trolley to lift and move type 3108.32 (205470) & 2942.32 (200261) without wheels into position. For lowering a container from a truck, the jacks are fixed and locked to the lower ISO corners first. Via air suspension, the vehicle will be lowered, so that the truck can drive out. The container can stay on the jacks until it is picked up again.

The Positioning trolley jacks are for placing ISO-Container that is without load and are manually adjustable to loading height

  • Installation height min. 1.150 mm, max. 1.630 mm
  • Execution in accordance to BGV D8 (winches, lift and pull equipment)
  • Simply to install (Installation time app. 8 min.)
  • Suitable up to wind force 12mph
SKU With Wheels SKU Without Wheels Dynamic Load System/Jack Static Load System/Jack Installation Height (mm) Load Inclination Ground Slope (%) Aditional Load (Wind Load) (with Wheels)(km/h)  Aditional Load (Wind Load) (Without Wheels) (km/h) Operating Temperature (˚C) Weight / Set (With Wheels)(kg) Weight / Set (Without Wheels) (kg) Crank Force / Jack With Max Lift Capacity (N) Lift / Crank Turn (mm) Leveling Tollerance
205470 210721 40/14 kN 320/110 kN min 1150 max 1630 2.5˚ 1% <120 km/h <64 km/h -33˚C Up to 50˚C 480kg 364kg 280 N 6.7 mm 0.5˚