I need a forklift accessory to lift both my steel and plastic drums... 

For drums fitted with rolling hoops the Steel and Plastic Drum Grab offers a safe and secure method to lift and transport your drums from the comfort of your forklift truck. 

This greatly reduces the risk to the operator!  With no need to leave the vehicle on a site in a forklift operational environment.

Capable of working with both 210L steel and 210L L & XL plastic drums in mind this product offers adaptability between the two materials.


Using this drum handler couldn't be easier...

Position the forks of your forklift truck to the correct width of the fork pockets for perfect access.

Enter the fork pockets, ensuring your forks enter fully into the pockets.

Once entered, secure the unit onto the forks of your forklift truck using the relevant T bar screws to tightly clamp the Steel and Plastic Drum Grab into place. 

Now secure, address the drum you wish to move and begin to approach the drum halfway up with the clamp arms in the horizontal position between the rolling hoops. 

Upon contact with the drum the two curved arms will open automatically with the hinged feature. They open as you address and close around the drum as your proceed forward.

Once the drum is siuated in the arms of the Steel and Plastic Drum Grab  begin to raise the drum which in turn will grip the drum tightly allowing you to transport and manoeuvre the drum. 

To unload simply reverse the process. Should you still need to move your drum further but your forklift truck is out of the question, might we suggest..


The LES heavy duty steel drum dolly 210L

 Place your drum onto the dolly allowing you to wheel your drum around easily with the 4 x swivel castors fitted to the reinforced body.


What style of drums can the Steel and Plastic Drum Grab​ lift and transport...

With the capabilities to lift both steel and plastic drums this unit offers versatility and functionality from the comfort of your forklift truck. 

Designed with rolling hoops in mind this drum lifter can lift the following styles: 

With its hinged curved arms this attachment will work between the rolling hoops on the steel drum and the rim of the drum on the plastic, making the plastic and steel drum forklift grab the ideal accessory for your barrel moving requirements. 

  • Designed to handle steel drums with rolling hoops
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Optimised for the movements of low to medium drums
  • Fitted with two curved arms hinged at one end
  • Efficient and smooth operation speeds up the drum handling process




No of drums

Drum types

“A” Load centre

“B” Fork spread

“C” Fork width

“D” Fork thickness

C of G

Lost load centre





1 & 2