This jack has been expertly engineered by Pfaff. Its main function is for the lowering, lifting, pulling or pushing of heavy loads. This model is the biggest in the range and boasts a capacity of 10,000kg!

Features and Benefits:

  • Low wear and tear due to hardened gear parts and precisely machined teeth
  • Rigid wall mounting for added safety
  • Robust design and manufactured using steel with accuratly machined worm and spur gears - This enables smooth and easy manual operation not offered by rival products on the market
  • Solid steel rack that also features an extra bore hole used for fastening the load

Technical Specifications:

Model Article No. Tensile or
Pressure (kg)
Length (mm)
Hand effort at
040058009 10,000 1240 700 40 55  

Model ZWW 10,000
A, mm 60
B, mm 50
C, mm 380
D diameter, mm 30
E, mm 30
F, mm 160
G, mm 269
H, mm 480
I, mm 200
J, mm 39.5
K, mm 140
L, mm 180
M, mm 410
N Diameter, mm 21
O, mm 125
P, mm 60
Q, mm 10
R, mm 300
S, mm 250
T, mm 150.4
U, mm 88.3
X, mm 30