The Pfaff Silberblau wide fork pallet truck is designed for applications where wider than standard forks are required. The outside fork width is 685mm giving the user that extra width where required.

This is not your ordinary wide fork pump truck, this is a Pfaff Silberblau wide fork pump truck. That means we have ex stock availability for any spares you may require ensuring you are never let down or out of service for longer than necessary. 

Featuring a 210 degree left and right steering angle, this pallet shifter can maneuverer around corners with ease. High-quality construction and an epoxy coated finish means your Pfaff pallet truck will last for a very long time if correctly maintained.

Greater strength is achieved with a reinforced frame and rubber wheels. Effort at maximum load is at a minimum due to the double coated chrome piston with high-quality seals. Total control over lifting and lowering is at your hands with the superb rod and lever assembly.

Perfectly suited to GKN pallet size, we can offer special discounts on 'flat packs' of 6 units or more!

Lifting Capacity Tonnes - 2.5
Steering/Load Wheels - - SR/PUR
Wheel Size (Front) mm - 200x50
Load Wheel Size (Rear) mm - 82x70
Number of Wheels (Front & Rear) - - 2/4
Lifting Height mm h3 115
Load Centre mm c 600
Height of Steering Handle mm h14 1200
Fork Height When Lowered mm h13 85
Total Unit Length mm L1 1535
Useable Fork Length mm l 1150
Fork Width mm e 160
Fork Thickness mm s 45
Inside of Forks mm b3 365
Outside Fork Width mm b1 685
Floor/Ground Clearance mm m1 40
Weight kgs - 88