The Pfaff Silberblau LB Zink Plated FREE WHEEL Wire Rope Winch is a classic base/column mounted wire rope winch manufactured to the highest standards Featuring a free wheeling device.

Our best selling range of hand winches designed for maximum versatility and efficiency.

Model LB 900 VZ / ARA LB 1200 VZ / ARA
Lifting Capacity
-1st Rope Layer. KG
900 1200
Lifting Capacity
-Upper Rope Layer. KG
400 430
Drive Group
-DIN 15020
1Em 1Em
Wire Rope Diameter. mm 7* 7**
Wire Rope Capacity
-1st Layer. M
0.8 1
Wire Rope Capacity
-Total. M
14 26
Lift Per Crank Rotation. mm 58 45
Required Crank Pressure. daN 24 24
Weight. Kg 10 12.1


*Recommended wire rope: DIN 3060 FE-znk 1770sZ-spa.
**Recommended wire rope: DIN 3060 SE-znk 2160 sZ-spa.