The Pfaff Sillverblau 'printers' pallet truck, is slightly shorter than a normal sized truck with 950mm long forks. All the pallet trucks in the silverblau range are coated with a high quality epoxy coating. Using rubber rollers makes for a quiet and smooth motion. 

Model Lifting Capacity Steering/Load wheels Wheel size front (mm) Load Wheel Size Rear (mm) No. of wheels front/rear Lifting Height  (mm)

Load Center (mm)

Steering Handle Height (mm) Fork Height Lowered (mm)

Total Unit Length (mm)

Useable Fork Length (mm) Fork Width (mm) Outside Fork Width (mm) Floor Ground Clearance (mm) Weight
Printers 1500kg SR/PUR 185x50 50x70 2/4 115 450 1200 85 1335 950 120 450 40 70kg

** Solid Rubber (SR), Polyurethane (PUR),