The Pfaff S20/S24 Hand Operated Gearboxes can be used as a rotary actuator, as a gearbox for cable winches or as a gearbox for chain drives. 

The S20  is with cast iron housing mounted into a rolled section fixing bracket. With machined worm wheel and hardened worm shaft running on bronze brushes. 

The S24 is with diecast aluminium housing suitable for use in hostile environments. Machined phosphor bronze worm wheel and hardened worm shaft fitted with teflon sintered bearings to reduce effort.  

Model Article Number Ratio Driving torque (daN m) Effort On Crank (kg) Total Shaft Length (mm) Shaft Diameter (mm) Hole Distance (mm) Hole Diameter (mm) Weight (kg)
S20 32626004 20:1 12 11 196 25 170 13 5
S24 32626020 24:1 36 22 200 36 135/60 13 8