The Pfaff Omega Manual Wire Rope Winch is developed for special challenges, these winches offer perfect functional safety in areas such as the ATEX (explosion protection) or offshore ones. The Omega BGV D8 and Omega offshore versions are prepared for manual operation and also operation via an external motor powered drive. As standard, you receive a manual hand crank, an encapsulated gearbox that runs in an oil bath and high-quality painting to improve corrosion protection. 


The Omega BGV D8 has a capacity of 1000kg 

The Omega Offshore has a capacity of 800kg and external drive is possible

The Omega ATEX has a capacity of 1000kg and is for use in the areas EX II 2 DG ck 195˚C (II T3)


Model Article number Capacity 1st Layer (kg) Capacity 4th Layer (top layer)(kg) Rope Diameter (mm) Useable Rope Length 1st Layer (mtr) Useable Rope Length 4th Layer (mtr) Lift Per Crank Rotation 1st Layer (mm) Lift Per Crank Rotation 4th Layer (mm) Required Crank Effort Full Load (daN) Driving Torque MTA (mm) Max Load Cycles Per Hour Full Load (mm) Input Speed MTA (1m/min Duty Ratio Weight Without Rope (kg)
Omega BGV D8 192010587 1000 692 8 1.6 13.1 29 42 17 54 N/A 100 S3-50% 38
Omega Offshore 192010589 800 800 10 1.2 4.3 30 35 17 54 N/A 100 S3-50% 38
Omega ATEX 192010588 1000 692 8 1.6 13.1 29 42 17 3 3 N/A N/A 38