Pfaff HU ES 10 A (Electric/hydraulic lift)

This is an expertly engineered combination of a hand pallet truck and elevating platform boasting an impressive 1000kg capacity. Its design makes the transportation and raising of pallet loads to various departments quick & simple. Two models are available, the manual option: HU HS 10 A ( or the electric version: HU ES 10 A (this model).


  • Fast electric hydraulic lifting of loads - pressure relief valve also protects the user from overloading
  • Fantastic ergonomic design with the control button for the unit fitted into the handle
  • It further increases the usefullness of the manual version (HU HS 10 A) by reducing operating time for demanding tasks that require frequent lifting and lowering of loads
  • Protected against dead battery issues as it has the fallback feature of manual use for lifting and lowering loads
  • Like the HU HS 10 A, the electric model also runs very smoothly and is exceptionally quiet when in use due to its polyurethane tyres (steering and load rollers)
  • The unit is delivered complete with battery and battery charger
  • Boasts additional titling protection for the load rollers of the unit



Model     HU ES 10 A
Article No.     26900010
Lift Capacity Q Kg 1000
Load Centre c mm 600
Weight   Kg 167
Tyre Type     Polyurethane
Steering Rollers   mm 180x50
Load Rollers   mm 75x60
No. of wheels/load rollers     2/2
Stroke h3 mm 715
Max. height if handle h14 mm 1230
Fork height lowered h13 mm 85
Overall Length l1 mm 1740
Overall Width b1/b2 mm 540
Fork Height s mm 50
Fork Width e mm 160
Fork Length l mm 1170
Outside fork dimension b5 mm 540
Ground Clearance m2 mm 35
Aisle width pallet Ast mm 1990
Turning circle radius Wa mm 1450
Battery Charger   V/A 220 / 8
Battery Voltage, capacity k5 V/Ah 12 / 65