Being a premium product in terms of quality and design, the Pfaff HP trolley lift tables offer a robust and reliable solution to lifting and transporting heavy goods in warehouses and industrial environments. Spare parts available in the event wear and tear components reach the end of their service life.

All models come complete with chrome-plated chassis, TWO fixed and TWO steering rollers along with a wheel brake. The trolleys are extremely lightweight, sturdy and have been expertly designed to ensure they can be operated in the simplest way possible. Not only this, but the HP series also features a hydraulic foot pump - this allows for very smooth control of the loads and further enhanced by a 'hand-wheel operated valve'.

The robust and simple design of these units makes them an obvious choice for regular use in packing, warehouse, and workshop environments.


Model HP 0412
Lifting Capacity 400kg
Platform Width 550mm
Platform Length 650mm
Platform Height (Maximum) 1200mm
Weight 71kg