The Pfaff Galvanised Pallet truck is specialy designed to offer customers a very high level of corosion protection. The Frame itself is hot galvinised at at 452 degrees with a thickness of 100 micro. The pumpbody and handle are cold galvanised, The Steering wheels and tandem load wheels are made of high quality polyamid and all bearings and axels are made of stainless steel. 

Model Lifting Capacity (kg) Steering/Load Wheels Wheel Size Front (mm) Load Wheel Size Rear (mm) No. Of Wheels Front/Rear  Lifting Hight (mm) Load Center (mm) Steering Handle Hight (mm) Fork Hight Lowered (mm) Total Unit Length (mm) Useable Fork Length (mm) Fork Width (mm) Outside Fork Width (mm) Floor/Ground Clearance (mm) Weight (kg)
Galvanised 2500 PA/PA 200 x 50 82 x 70 2 / 4  115 600 1200 85 1535 1150 160 540 40 86