Our Hydraulic Pallet Picking Drum Truck offers a 250kg (210 Litre) capacity and is ideal for lifting drums and barrels from Euro pallets and transporting them. Lightweight and easy to use, this truck makes lifting and handling drums on and off Euro pallets very easy and convenient.

  • Two rigid sides and one locking rear steering caster require little effort to handle drums.
  • Spring loaded steel jaws provide a secure grip to the top lip of the drum.
  • Straddle leg allows picking up and lowering on a Euro Pallet.
  • Featuring a mechanical hand ratchet crank mechanism enabling a smooth secure lift of the drum- simple and easy to use.

How it works

Position and drive the drum lifter around the drum with the top grip around the top lip of the drum, engage the foot brake and secure the grip around the top lip of the drum. Once secure, lift the drum using the pump handle located at the back of the unit, this will raise the drum off the pallet or the ground and works in a similar way to a pallet truck. Release the foot brake and carefully begin to move the drum, position the barrel as required, engage the foot brake and slowly lower the barrel in a controlled manner using the pressure relief valve which is conveniently operated by the long steel screw type mechanism next to the pump. Release the top grip and back away from the barrel.

  • Robust steel construction
  • Hydraulic piston raised by hand pump (the same principal as a pallet truck)
  • Hydraulic piston lowered by operation of the pressure relief valve
  • Top spring-loaded grip secures to the top rim of a steel barrel
  • Raises the top lip of the drum up to 1220mm
  • Low maintenance design
  • Three-wheel configuration: two fixed front wheels and one steerable rear wheel
  • Rear foot brake
  • Straddled leg design allows for working over pallets for easy packing and unpacking of palletised drums
Product Code Capacity (KG) Drum Size (Litres) Weight (KG)
DTW250 250 210 47