Our Pallet Loading/Unloading Hydraulic Drum Truck is designed to glide over euro pallets with ease and grab steel drums from the centre of a pallet. Each trolley is designed to be used by a single operator and to pick and transport either full or empty steel drums with minimum effort required. The clamp mechanism is very easy to position and grabs the drum by the drum rim this means the operator does not need to manoeuvre around or even touch the drum by hand. A touch-sensitive pressure release valve lowers the drum safely back down to the ground. 

  • 4 wheel design gives the truck a unique sense of manoeuvrability 
  • Drums can be grabbed from the centre of a pallet 
  • High base and lifting height for pallets and drum sumps
  • For use with steel drums 
  • To suit Euro pallets 
Model Capacity (kg) Height (mm) Width (mm) Depth (mm) Distance Between Legs (mm) Max Drum Lift Height (mm) Drum type  Weight (kg)
DTHRP 250 1200 980 820 800 330 steel  50