Complete with crane and hoist specific software is the Magnetek Impulse G+Mini Inverter Drive. Designed to reduce the wear and tear of critical crane components such as brakes and gearboxes which in a breakdown situation can become very costly replacements. Installing inverter drives are the answer to the need for a longer service life and a smoother electrical operation. Instead of ripping in to maximum operation speed the Impulse G+Mini Inverter Drive gradually builds speed and utilises the same principal to slow things down.

Installed in as little as five minutes by a suitably qualified electrician and easy to setup via a 7-step quick start. No computer or special software required for installation.

Fitted with standard 24DC control signal interface.


Resistors & EMC Line Filters

Each unit should be fitted with EMC filter meet the EN standards. EMC filters ensure a cleaner supply of electricity to the Invertor Drive and take up no extra room in the control panel due to being foot mounted meaning they are housed between the drive and the control panel  wall utilising the same holes and footprint. This saves space and requires less drilling. Every system should also include a resistor, you can find these as optional extras within your order of a Magnetek inverter drive from LES. Braking Resistors ensure the energy produced from slowing down or lowering a hoist via the brake is then fed back in to the DC bus of the drive can be burned off. Choose between a resistor suitable for your drive's application from a cross travel and long driver application to hoisting applications (indoor or outdoor). The outdoor resistor commands a higher price as this is natually of a higher duty to meet the demands of the environment.


Available with interface cards to enable a change in control voltage to standard crane AC control voltages. This reduces time and cost as there is no need for additional external relays to switch the voltage from 24v DC for the drive to an AC voltage which the crane runs on.


See programming video for ease of use.

  • Standard inverter drive with fins
  • Provides variable speeds
  • Increases service life of other hoist/crane components
  • No computer or software required for programming
  • For use with 24DC control
  • To use with AC cranes one should add external relays

CMAA Class A-D Service 
Exclusive Crane & Hoist Software 


Removable Terminal Block with Parameter Backup and: 

  • (7) Multi-function digital inputs   
  • 120VAC standard (24VAC and 24VDC optional) 
  • (1) Hardware BaseBlock  
  • (2) Multi-function analog inputs (0-10VDC, 4-20mA, 0-20mA)  
  • (1) Multi-function Pulse input 
  • (1) Multi-function Pulse output  
  • (1) Multi-function Relay output  
  • (2) Multi-function photo-coupler output (120V optional)  
  • (1) Multi-function analog output (0-10VDC) 


40:1 Speed Range 

  • Three Speed Control Methods 
  • Up to 5 distinct speeds 
  • Infinitely Variable Control 
  • Stepless Analog Speed Reference 



  • 380-480 VAC, ½ to 20HP 
  • 200-240 VAC, ¼ to 20HP 



  • Safe Operating Windows - reduces possibility of programming unsafe parameters 
  • Motor Thermal Overload Protection - reduces possibility of motor damage 
  • Quick Stop™ - reduces possibility of crane collision 
  • EN954-1 Safety Category 3, Stop Category 0 - Hardware Base Block circuit 
  • Certifications: CE, UL, cUL, RoHs, TÜV 
  • UL recognized Electronic Thermal Overload 



  • X-Press Programming - allows programming initial setup within seconds 
  • Swift-Lift™ - allows overspeeding with light loads or empty hook 
  • Reverse Plug Simulation - allows operator to smoothly and quickly stop and change directions without setting brake 
  • Auto-Tuning - non-rotational auto-tuning for performance demanding applications 
  • When will I receive my items?
  • You will be sent an email to confirm your order has been dispatched, all of our goods are sent next day delivery and we aim for them to be with you next day after dispatch between 9am-5pm.
  • Do you provide test certifications / certifications of conformity with all items?
  • Yes, All of the products we supply conform to relevant requirements and are delivered complete with applicable test certifications / certificates of conformity.