The Mad EasyLoad Van Crane is a perfect solution designed to take away the effort required to load and unload vans and lorrys with pallets, oil drums and various other goods. Easy operation via a wired hand pendant control makes the EasyLoad Van Crane a simple to operate one user product meaning for a load that would usually require two people to deliver may now only require one which makes the Mad EasyLoad Van Crane a superb investment for a huge potential retutrn.

  • Easy operation
  • 250kg SWL
  • 3675mm Overall length once extended
  • Lightweight design (crane weight: 100kg, Mounting Frame: 60kg)
  • Mounting frame fits any van
  • SWL: 250kg
  • Catilever Length: 1150mm
  • Overall Length Extended: 3675mm
  • Overall Length Retracted: 2275mm
  • Closed Height: 300mm (excluding mounting frame)
  • Dead Weight: 100kg (excluding mounting frame)
  • Winch Operation: Electric via push button pendant
  • Travel Operation: Electric via push button pendant
  • Winch Supply: 12v, 100amp (from van battery)
  • Lifting Speed: 6m/min
  • Safety: CE, NEN-EN-14492-2
  • Mounting Frame Weight: 60kg