ISO Container Moving Skates are perfect for relocating ISO shipping containers in workshops and small industrial yards as well as modular framed goods with ISO lug holes. Using our container moving skates cannot be easier. Depending on the weight of your container the most effective way to transport a container from flat ground level is to insert a hydraulic wedge under the four corners, create enough space to insert a Toe Jack, when the jack is inserted release the hydraulic wedge and repeat on all 4 corners. Jack up the container and slide under the skates ensuring that when carefully lowering the container it lands on all four twist-lock lugs. Lock all four lugs in to place by pushing the handle of the twist-locks into the 'locked' position. 


Equipment Required For Moving An ISO Shipping Container

How It Works

  • Ensure clear swept transportation path before setting up your ISO Container Moving System
  • Assemble and set out the skate system as described in the user guide
  • Lift the container using the above-mentioned equipment or crane or container lifting jack system
  • Carefully place the container lug holes on to the lugs of the skates
  • Once positioned correctly turn the twist locks to lock the container into place
  • Tow the container into position using a suitable tug
  • Reverse the process to remove the skates


  • It is a good idea to chock the wheels of the skates in case of an un-noticed slope gradient
  • Always use transport skates along a flat surface to facilitate easy and safe movement of the container
  • Ensure a clear swept transportation route, our forklift sweeper is a great accessory to consider
  • Locking container lugs
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Towing arm with mounting eye
  • LES innovative design
  • 12 Month LES warranty and product support
Model Capacity (kg) Number of Rollers Roller Dimensions (mm) Overall Size (mm) Net Weight (kg) Fitting Height h1 (mm) Fitting Height (h2) (mm) Width of track and connecting rod (mm) Cassette Dimensions (L2 x B2) (mm)
FRONT 16,000 16 85x90 2850x1030x160 160 118 160 N/A 800x370
REAR 16,000 16 85x90 2500x300x160 70 118 160 2260 N/A