The chances are that if you’re in the market for a Beam Clamp, it’s an item that will be used on a regular basis in your warehouse, factory, or workshop. Therefore, the more often it’s used, higher quality and reliability are two of the most essential ingredients to making that right decision. Well, our brand new Adjustable Beam Clamp is just the ticket, and that’s not just us saying it, it’s the many customers that have brought it and come back to us with outstanding feedback.


Manufactured from superior quality materials, the LES Adjustable Beam Clamp is one of the most secure and robust on the market – and at the price, it’s an absolute steal… even if we say so ourselves.


With an exceptional capacity for suspending your hoists, there are two versions on offer – 1000kg and 2000kg – both built to the same exacting standards, ones that you expect from us. Meeting the Working Load Limit performance requirements of BS EN 13155, each unit has been stress tested to a minimum breaking load of 4 times the WLL.


Extended lifecycles with performance to match are effortlessly achieved with the LES Beam Clamp, while it’s also easy to mount and adjust by the simple tightening of a screw, making it suitable for a wide range of flange widths and beams.


The combination of specially designed jaw profile and heavy-duty construction provides a safe and secure grip, with the load applied away from the flange edge, significantly reducing stress on the flange, leading to increased service life.


Again, we understand that aesthetics should match performance, so the sleek and stylish matte black finish gives this Adjustable Beam Clamp the professional look you crave.



Finally, working load limits are displayed on the side of each unit on a clear and concise label to eliminate the risk of confusion that could lead to catastrophic injury or damage.

  • Capacity: 1 and 2 tonnes
  • Easy to mount
  • Individually tested
  • Adjustable design for a range of beam lengths
  • Secure grip
Product Code W.L.L. Beam Range A max B min B max C D E F min F max G min Weight
  kgs mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm kgs
LESBC1 1,000 75 - 220 295 185 400 80 4 225 90 165 25 3.8
LESBC2 2,000 75 - 220 295 185 400 85 6 225 90 165 25 5