LES Machine Toe Jacks are designed to lift heavy machinery and other similar industrial loads from a low height. Complete with two lifting positions and one static load position for multi-purpose use. Using the lower toe, our Machine Jack can lift up to 6tonnes (6,000kg) at the lowest entry level which will give a lifting height of 35-195mm, alternatively using the top head with the screw retracted to lift 7.5t (7,500kg) up to 560mm. In addition to this, you can safely position a static load up to 10tonnes on top of the screw.

Each of our LES Machinery Jacks is quality assured, individually serial numbered, CE compliant and complete with a certificate of conformity.


Operation is easy, simply place the jack under the load, slide the included pump handle into the pump housing and begin pumping, the toe/head of the jack will begin to rise and lift the load. In order to retract the jack, remove the handle from the pump housing, the end of the handle features two grooves that fit the pressure relief valve located on the back of the jack below the carrying handle, turning anti-clockwise slowly provides controlled descent of the load. Always be sure to resecure the valve once the pressure has been released and the toe lowered.

  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Carrying handle
  • 3-lifting points
  • Controlled lifting and lowering
  • Full steel housing
  • Gloss black toe
  • Extension screw for static loads
Model   MTJ10
Capacity on Top* Kg 7,500/10,000kg*
Capacity on Toe Kg 6,000
Lifting Range of Head mm 320-560
Lifting Range of Toe mm 35-195
Net Weight Kg 25.5

*Head capacity is for holding/supporting a static load of 10,000kg, not for lifting of this weight.

  • Our company is based abroad, can we still purchase at Lifting Equipment Store?
  • Yes, absolutely. Our export experts can provide bespoke export quotations from simple courier costs to more complex packing and shipping requirements. We pride ourselves on offering such a competitive export service and have recieved five star feedback from our clients worldwide. Many products can now be purchased online for delivery to Western Europe, however our team is experienced in exporting products across the globe.
  • Do you provide bulk discount?
  • Yes we are capable of supplying any quantity of our products you require, contact us for a quotation.