The Kratos Two Point Rescue Harness has been ergonomically designed for rescue operations in mind, The two-point rescue harness has an extension strap that allows for use in confined spaced, this will enable this harness to get into places standard harnesses would find very difficult due to the positioning of attachments. The Kratos Twp Point Rescue Harness conforms to EN361:2002, EN1497:1996.



The Harness features front and rear connection points in addition to the extension strap and 'D' ring is fully adjustable. 



The Rescue Harness is only available in a Universal Size (please see specification tab for more info) 



  • Easy to put on and take off 
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Fully Adjustable
  • Rescue Design
  • Attaching buckles at front and rear
  • Vertical extension strap fitted with 'D' ring for rescue in confined spaces
  • High quality


Measure (cm) S - L Universal L - XXL
A - Thigh Size  48-70 55-90 65-95
B- Chest Size 94-114 98-128 114-134
C - Waist Size 60-105 70-115 75-125
D - Stature 160-185 160-200 170-200