Working on a scaffold system and you require a way to connect but don't know how...

Designed with the sole purpose of bridging the gap between user and scaffold system the Kratos steel scaffold hook is the only option worth choosing.


I have a scaffold pole but no connection method seems to fit...

With a large surface area within the bow of the hook, the Kratos steel scaffold hook is large enough to fit over a standard-sized scaffold pole found on most construction sites.

A safety latch is situated at the rear of the hook to ensure unnecessary opening of the hook and only can be released by the user, providing a safe and secure attachment. 


How do I open/attach my scaffold hook...

Opening your scaffold hook may seem like a simple thing however due to a safety catch situated at the rear of the hook it prevents the opening of the hook unless the said catch is released. 

This is a key safety feature, however, to open your scaffold hook for attachment purposes follow the below steps: 

Holding your scaffolding hook apply pressure with your palm to the rear safety catch 

This allows you to squeeze the hook open, for you to attach to your scaffold pole

Address your scaffold pole and place your hook onto the pole

Once happy release the hook, this closes the mouth of the hook and re-engages the safety catch at the rear. 

Safely attached and secure, you are good to go.

A scaffold hook can be used on either your Lanyard or Fall arrest block, offering an anchor between you and your scaffold pole. 


Key products for use with scaffold hooks...

Kratos restraint webbing lanyard with scaffold hook


Kratos scaffolders shock absorbing webbing lanyard


Kratos restraint kernmantle rope lanyard

Made up of forged steel material this scaffold hook is durable with a breaking strength of 23kN

A gate opening of 50.8mm offers a wide surface area for easy attachment to standard-sixed scaffold poles

Conforms to relevant standards - EN362:2004 Class T

Manual operation for ultimate safety and user reassurance 

Supplied with all relevant documentation and certification


Connector type

Scaffold Hook






Gate opening 50.8mm