The Kratos MultiSafeWay is a great addition to any height safety application!

Offering great benefits such as fully adjustable lifting arm defined at 3 points (1.5m / 1.9m / 2.3m) 

Fully transportable with a foldable mechanism allowing the unit to be folded against the leg and fixed into place using the webbing included to allow secure transportation if required. 

Also, a full 360-degree capability means this unit offers all-round access for the user! 



Provided with stainless steel fasteners to offer fitting of the Kratos rescue and work winch 30m (FA6000330) see below 

With the winch added to the MultiSafeWay this then allows the raising and lowering of personnel or material into confined spaces safely. 

* Please note - Winches & Fall arrest block sold separately * 












  • 360° capability 
  • Foldable for easy transportation 
  • 3 lifting heights available (1.5m / 1.9m / 2.3m)
  • Teamed with a Kratos 30m Winch makes the perfect kit for site applications! 
  • Max load capacity - 300kg
  • Breaking strength - 16kN 
  • Resistance - 15kN 
  • To standard EN795 Type A
  • Material - INOX Stainless steel 
  • Single person application 

Next day delivery if ordered by 2pm