The Kratos 3 Point Scaffold Kit has been designed with the thought of scaffolders working at height in mind, Here you will find a 3 point harness complete with a shock absorbing lanyard and a choice of kitbag. 


Whats In The Kit ? 


1 x Kratos 3 Point Full Body Harness (Model FA1011100)

1 x Kratos Shock Absorbing Webbing Lanyard (Model FA3030418) 

1 x Kratos Kitbag or Rucksack



The Kratos 3 Point Full Body Harness features 2 front 'D' rings and 1 rear 'D' ring, The harness is fully adjustable and has quick connect buckles to help with putting on and removing the harness with ease. There is an added sit strap for extra comfort whilst working at height. There is also a covered identification label for easy access. (this harness is available in 2 different sizes please see specification tab for sizing chart) 


The Kratos Shock absorbing webbing lanyard is 1.8 meters long and has 30mm wide webbing, The lanyard also features a 35mm webbing shock absorber, This takes all the strain away from the user if involved in a fall thus keeping the user safe. There is a snap hook on one end and a Scaffold hook on the other. The loops are protected by abrasion resistant tubular webbing.  


The kit also comes with the choice of either a Kitbag or Rucksack 

Dimensions (cm) S - L L - XXL
A - Thigh Size 48-70 65-95
B - Chest Size 94-114 114-134
C - Waist Size 60-105 75-125
D - Stature 160-185 170-200