The Kratos 2 Point Scaffold Harness Kit has been designed with scaffolders in mind. A high-quality two-point harness combined with a fall arrest webbing lanyard conveniently fitted with an oversized safety snap hook to allow for easy and fast fitting over a scaffolding pole. A more semi-permanent screw gate karabiner fitted the other end secures the lanyard to your harness, the connector screws shut to avoid accidental unclipping and to provide you with maximum safety at height. For sizing please see our 'Specification' tab.


What's In The Kit? 


  • 1 x Kratos Two Point Comfort Harness (Model FA1010500)
  • 1 x Kratos Shock-Absorbing Webbing Lanyard With Scaffold Clip (Model FA3030418
  • 1 x Kratos Rucksack or Kit Bag 


The Kratos Two Point Comfort Harness is ergonomically designed for everyday use the Kratos two-point harness conforms to EN 361:2002, features front and rear connection points ('D' rings) and is complete with 'sit strap' for additional user comfort. The Two Point harness is only available in a universal size (please see spec tables for sizes)


The included Kratos Shock-Absorbing Webbing Lanyard With Scaffold Clip is 1.8 Meters long. The lanyard has 30mm wide polyester webbing, and a shock absorber in 35mm wide webbing which reduces the impact of a fall to less than 6kN, the loops are protected by abrasion resistant tubular webbing. In the event that you experience a fall, the shock absorber pack will burst and arrest your fall as safely as possible. You can be confident you're in the best hands when purchasing your Scaffold Harness Kit from the Kratos brand.


This Scaffolders Harness Kit comes complete in a Kratos branded rucksack for your complete convenience and easy storage.

  • High-quality fully adjustable two-point harness (universal size)
  • 1.8m Webbing fall arrest lanyard with oversized scaffold hook one side and shock absorber with screw karabiner the other
  • Fully certified and ready for use
Dimensions (cm) Universal Size
A - Thigh Size 55-90
B - Chest Size 98-128
C - Waist Size 70-115
D - Stature 160-200