The Kratos 2 point Restraint Kit has been designed for those who require a restraint solution which prevents access to danger. 


What's In The Kit? 


  • 1 x Two Point Comfort Harness (Model FA1010500)
  • 1 x Adjustable Work Positioning Webbing Lanyard (Model FA4090120)
  • 1 x Rucksack Or Kit Bag 

The Two Point Comfort Harness has been ergonomically designed for everyday use, The Kratos two-point harness conforms to EN 361:2002, features front and rear connection points ('D' rings) and is complete with 'sit strap' for additional user comfort. The Two Point harness is only available in a universal size (please see spec tables for sizes).


The Adjustable Work Positioning Webbing Lanyard is a 2-meter long lonyard with 30mm Webbing with a karabiner on one end and a snap hook on the other, The lanyard also comes with an alloy steel ring adjuster.


The Kit also comes complete with either the choice of a Kit Bag or a Rucksack. 



Dimensions (cm) Universal Size
A - Thigh Size 55-90
B - Chest Size 98-128
C - Waist Size 70-115
D - Stature 160-200