Confined spaces?! Working at height?! Requiring a tripod?! There are so many questions but none bigger than is it safe...

A confined space can prove to be incredibly tricky, that's why having the correct equipment is a must. LES only offer products we ourselves would place our trust into in these situations. 

Confined spaces add an extra element of risk as the accessibility is reduced meaning that the product in use must house some key features to assist the user. 


What does this tripod offer you? 

No access point is identical, no application is the same, ranging from manholes, floor openings to watering wells and that can prove difficult with a standard/fixed height tripod?

Introduce the Kratos 10ft confined space tripod giving the user the support of the adjustable height range from 1.15m to 2.15m and an adjustable wheelbase from 1.08M - 1.62M.

Rubber-soled steel support shoes offering an anti-slip system greatly reducing the risk of any potential accident occurring keeping you the user safe and secure.  

Double mounted pulleys found at the head of the tripod means the winch cable can run smoothly throughout the winching process both lowering and lifting without any danger.


Can you use other products with your tripod? 

Yes, you can, this tripod can be  teamed with either the 20M/30M rescue winch and the Olympe wire rope fall arrest block with integrated recovery system making for the perfect confined space kit: 

(Image representation of this kit can be found in features tab)

20M Rescue winch

30M Rescue winch

Olympe wire rope fall arrest block with integrated recovery system


Boasting impressive features the Kratos 10ft confined space tripod gives the user ultimate peace of mind throughout the operation process: 


There are many key features and benefits when using this tripod: 

Two mounted pulleys can be found at the head of the tripod to offer efficient and safe passing of cable when in use, further improving safety and efficiency. 

Adjustable height from 1.9m to 2.9m offers you the user the ability to anchor your tripod yet still be able to enter a raised access point (such as a well for example). 

Two secure attachment points, the auxiliary eyebolts make for the safe attaching of the pulley system with screw gate karabiner

Full security and stabilization available by the steel support shoes fitted with rubber soles further improving the functionality and safety of the Kratos 10ft Confined space tripod.


With the housings to host either a 20M or 30M Rescue winch and the Olympe wire rope fall arrest block, it offers the ideal base for a full confined space kit. (See image below for reference). 

* Tripod supplied with a bag for storage and transportation *





EN795:2012 Type B


Aluminium Alloy

Size (Adjustable Height)

1.9M – 2.9M

Size (Adjustable Wheelbase)

1.52M – 2.05M

Attachment points

2 x Auxillary Eyebolts


Bag included